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Also know by proprietary names such as DHI, FIT, CIT, FUSE, WOODS METHOD, and DHT). In this method; the hair Roots (Follicular Units) are individually harvested one by one from the donor area by a micro punch device of 0.75 to 1 mm size. The wounds are tiny & heal rapidly with no visible scar or pain.

Recent advances have evolved this modern and stitch less method that eliminates the potential side effects occasionally seen in the conventional Strip Procedure because of the stitches in the donor area. This new method does not leave a linear scar on the back of the head and the wounds are tiny, there is less blood loss and heals faster compared to the strip method. The procedure is practically pain free post operatively. Allows short hairstyle or buzz cut without showing up any linear scar. Final outcome is better. We use 0.75 to 1 mm micro punch with depth control and use the safest Lorenzo technique for extraction Unlike Strip method FUE does not expand the balding area due to stretch of the skin while stitching up the wound.

It is better for the extraction of white hairs. It is ideal for tight scalp due to past surgery or fibrous skin where strip surgery can have donor area problems. FUE grafts are usually less bulky compared to strip grafts and therefore they require smaller size incisions for plantation and therefore less trauma is inflicted and more density can be packed. Because of the nature of the procedure it is more expensive compared to strip procedure. For over 400 to 500 grafts usually you need to shave the entire donor area, which at times is a limitation for some people.

Why FUE is better than FUT ?

Well we strongly believe that FUE is a better method compared to Strip method

  • No stitches so no post op pain and no post op stitch mark and that allows the short hair style as well. FUT certainly will show up linear scar if you keep your hair short and has pain and tightness until the stitches get dissolved that takes 2-3 weeks at least
  • FUE heals faster because of its minimally invasive nature usually in 5-7 days the wounds are healed.
  • Allows early activities ( 1 week) compared to FUT which has restriction of heavy activities for at least 3 weeks (Gym, sports, weight lift, sex, swim etc)
  • FUE allows transfer of more number of hair in the same number of grafts compared to FUT. This is because we can select follicular units with more number of hair like 3 and 4 hair follicular units. This is not possible in strip method
  • Better quality grafts esp. for white hair compared to Strip method this is because there in strip method to separate the white hair from the white dermal tissue is practically very difficult if not impossible and therefore there is more transaction rate.