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Orthopadic & Joint Replacement

  • Hip and knee joint Operation
  • Every type of Fracturer Treatment
  • Operation with help of IITV
  • Waist Diseases
  • Treatment of polio
  • Knee and shoulder operation

There are several types of surgeries that fall under the orthopedic branch of treatment. The most common Orthopedic Surgery is joint replacement, shoulder replacement and knee replacement. General bone(s) fractures normally do not require procedural or detailed surgery. In most cases bone(s) fractures can be treated through various types of non-surgical methods. If you are looking for details about your spinal cord pain or if you have recently encountered some sort of injury or if you have problems related to your knee pain; get in touch with the specialists at Sanjay Hospital. The experts at our clinic will never misguide you and always help you with perfect and accurate treatment.

Joints Replacement in Nadiad There's a difference between behaving like a Doctor and a Surgeon. A doctor focuses more on money in turn for treating a specific human body, whereas a surgeon focuses more on relieving the pain from a human body through various surgical and non-surgical methods.

You must have heard from patients visiting hospitals and clinics; especially whose age has passed 35; about the problems in their joints. This pain is very severe and unbearable. It's not easy to tolerate the pain that occurs between the joints of the bone. That's where Joint Replacement Surgery comes into existence. The damaged joint is removed when this sort of surgery is carried out. The damaged joint is replaced with a new one, which is generally made up of plastic or metal or a combination of both. In a human body, the joint is which connects two or more bones together. For Example: Knee or Hip or Shoulder all contains bone(s) joints.

There are following advantages of a Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • You get permanent freedom from your pain after an accurate treatment.
  • You will easily be able to move, bend, twist, sit, sleep and work i.e. excellent mobility.
  • Quality of your daily life will improve. Because after a proper treatment, you will not face problems in doing exercise and will also not face problems in carrying out general home and office tasks.

An orthopedic surgeon is responsible for the Joint Replacement Surgery. Whenever you suffer from such problems, always get in touch with some reputed, experienced and skilled specialist. Never take risk of your life because a wrong surgery or the surgery by an inexperienced doctor may make you handicapped for life. Always make sure that the doctor or specialist who is about to do your treatment has testimonials of successful surgeries and treatments